It hasn’t been so long ago that I actually enjoyed playing in the mud on the trails behind our home. Getting our off road vehicles stuck was a summer past time and recovering said stuck rig was just as fun. As I travel this great United States of America I have discovered more and more outdoor enthusiasts who love to not only roll through the deepest bogs and challenge their friends to do the same but also race for fortune and fame. It was at an event held by a Shreveport Louisiana based company named High Lifter that I found out just how deep the fun really was.

We rolled into the sleepy little town of Jacksonville Texas and through the gates at Mud Creek Off-Road park for what those in the know called Mudtoberfest. I had a meeting that day with Scott Smith who some say is the mind behind the very first suspension lift for the ATV and I was determined to get as much information as I possibly could on this very interesting concept. Most multi-million dollar company’s start with a great idea developed to fill a void in an industry.

As we all know, recognizing and diagnosing the problem or missing link is the hardest part, and in Mike Smith’s mind as well as his son Scott, the void was a simple bolt-on lift kit for a 1996 Honda Foreman. They wanted to be able to mount larger tires on their off road vehicles and get through deeper sections of mud on their trails. This started a roller coaster effect that has now become the largest inventor, builder and supplier of ATV and UTV lifts in the country and around the world. This High Lifter brand name can now be found on not only lifts but tires as well as tire sealants, clutch kits and even more suspension components.